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By the container? Buy the container… By the slab? Buy the slab. Bespoke cutting services available. No project too small or too BIG.

Sunwill Stone...

Sunwill Stone, a family business with family values. We have been manufacturing engineered quartz stone for over 10 years. Quality is the foundation we have built our reputation on. Excellent customer service is the capstone which holds us together and a “can do, will do” attitude is what drives us forward. Sunwill Stone offers quality, value for money solutions.

If these are the qualities you look for in a supplier, we are here. We are proud that we are not the cheapest quartz available, because cheap has two meanings, cheap usually means bad quality. We won’t go there! Quality is what we do, we will not compromise, we will not ship anything which does not meet our exacting high standards. If there is a problem, we are here to help and to sort it out. Let’s be honest with each other, then let’s do business on that basis.

We are the only Chinese manufacturer in the UK with its’ own offices and staff based in the country.

The boring legal bit, we all have to do it and this is where we do!

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We have over 70 designs and colours to meet your exacting needs and customer requirements


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